Market Sunday

Just letting you guys know that we went to the markets this morning, and on the way there we had to stop and get some petrol because my son had been to session the day before and hadn’t remembered to fill the tank. I gave him a hard time about but it didn’t seem to make any difference and he just smiles and told me he will remember next time. Anyway we finally got to the car park and found as usual but the whole place was filled up with Cars long before we got there. We parked and then made our way through to the main markets where we found that all the major tents had been set up for quite a while. We started at the top of the mall and then worked our way down along the footpath taking in all the venders as we went. The things that most caught my eye were the bicycle stands with the salesman selling carbon fibre bikes as well as high-performance wheels designed to be used in triathlons or other similar events. After dragging myself away from that particular tent, I decided to get something to eat, and ended up with this great hamburger and chips which I took to eat looking over the ocean. My wife was keen to see if she could get something for her sister for her birthday so she continued to look into all the tents stacked along the market parade. I looked up to see her waving to me, so I went over and noticed she was at a tent with lots of Turkish looking objects. She had decided to buy a stunning set of rosary beads which were inlaid with bone and some sort of semi precious jewels . It was a pretty good price so I agreed that it would make a good present and bought it on the spot. We then went down to the other end of the markets and tried to buy all our fresh fruit and vegetable from the greengrocers who had been set up there since 4 o’clock in the morning. After getting all our goods we also went to the butchers them and got some nice sausages which we would have for lunch later.