The Dinner Party

Well I’ve been a batch over a year now and I guess it’s time to finally come out of my shell. My friends have said that I’ve been a bit of a hermit has gotten over my divorce and I must admit that I’ve spent more time at home that I have anywhere else perhaps except the pub. Although I must admit the pub is in a bad place to spend your time if you don’t feel like being alone in a large house which used to be full of children ,  dogs and even a partner. So on the advice I’m having a coming out party, I’m going to throw a dinner party and invite all my friends and perhaps even a few single women so that I can become part of society again. Of course I’m not really known for my dinner party planning so this is going to be a big deal and require a lot of planning if it’s going to happen without a hitch. My friends say it’s not too difficult simply find some easy recipes in the cookbook and make sure that you don’t do anything too difficult which could turn out  badly on the night. First order of business was cleaning out the dining room and making sure that there was plenty of room for everybody.  I thought I would go full service and really impress everybody so I needed good quality silverware and a particularly spectacular candelabra for the centre of the table. Luckily I knew exactly where the by a great candelabra from the local  antique store as I’ve seen one in the window only a few weeks before. I quickly bought it and brought it home and sure enough it made my dining tables sing and I’m sure that everybody will be very impressed on the night. So wish me luck it’s only a few nights away but my chicken and caviar  main meal looks perfect and everybody is looking forward to a wonderful night in my new home.