Renovation Duty

Today my wife decided that we needed to renovate the back yard, so it was off to the homewares shop we went, to find everything we needed to make our backyard looks like a Turkish  palace. While my wife went straight to the  homewares  aisle I was sent to see if I could find a new sink or even a grill that would fit our existing brickwork. Unfortunately everything I found was way too big, so I had to console myself with finding a portable grill which could sit out in the open and not be affected by rain  or snow. I carefully checked that the manufacturer guaranteed that the grill would work in low temperatures as we often have sub zero  climate in our area. My wife meanwhile was focusing on all the niceties that would make our Turkish house look inviting and happy. The first thing she bought was a large lantern with a candle in  it that would light up the pathway around the house  at night. It was a huge monstrosity but I could see there was no way to talk her out of it so I let her have it. The next thing she found were some outside cushions which even in the rain would not grow mouldy and could be used year-round no matter the weather. These were very expensive but I could see that it was better than racing out at night when the rain started trying to bring  them in out of the weather. The last thing she found was some beautiful wind chimes with a large canopy that played some sort of classical tune when  they were clattered. I really liked the windchimes and I could imagine myself lying awake at night listening to them in the wind. With our arms full and our wallet empty we left the shop and took our goods home ready to be unpacked. On the way home my wife congratulated me I’m not stopping her from spending too much money and I just laughed to myself knowing how much I had saved on the sink  and grill. Hopefully when we are finished the house will look wonderful.