First Job

Well it was a great day today, my daughter got her first job,  and boy was she happy. It’s been a bit of the journey to get her to this point. She had long been worried that she wouldn’t get a job, so we had spent a lot of time trying to increase her confidence and giving her the training and skills required to get a job   in hospitality. Finally she had been ready to put her resume out to many people with cafes and restaurants in the local area. She spent nearly 2 days walking around town  giving out her resume and attempting to talk to the owner of the businesses. She didn’t have much luck at first, but then found if she asked to speak to the owner as soon as she entered the business that more often than not the staff would get the owner to come and talk to  her. She managed to put out over 100 resumes in those first two days and got to speak to over 20 owners of local cafes and restaurants. It was one of these are called her back yesterday for an interview. She was very nervous on the morning of the interview but we talk to her about the things that she could say and she seemed to find her confidence in the car on the way to the restaurant. I waited outside in the car and after only about 20 minutes she came out smiling and laughing telling me she had gotten the job. The boss had asked her to start tomorrow, and had even given her two great aprons , with the emblem of the restaurants embroidered on it. All that evening she kept on putting the apron on and looking at herself in the mirror telling me how excited she was to finally get the job. I don’t think she slept much last night so I wasn’t surprised when I got up early and saw that she had already  been  up, and had breakfast and was already dressed sitting on the couch. My girl is so happy.