Out Dancing

My girlfriend has been pestering me to go dancing for months now, she’s always been the type to get out on the dance floor and enjoy herself. Until I met her, I’d never been much into that, though I wasn’t embarrassed about it or anything. Anyway, the other week she was in the middle of her morning routine, doing exercises on her new yoga mat and she decided that we were most definitely going dancing that night. I of course, protested but she had been asking for a while and I’d always given her an excuse, so this time, I gave in and said sure, let’s go for a dance.

So we went online to find a cool place to get our groove on, we didn’t want a dance club, that’s not really our thing and these days there’s just so much more out there. We found barn dancing clubs, Irish dancing, all sorts. Finally we found just a good old rock’n’roll gaslight style bar to go to that apparently according to Facebook had very good music for dancing to.

It was called Jane’s, it was this long downstairs bar with booth seats all along one side and a stage at the end with those black circular tables with the candle on them like you see in the movies. The band was awesome, they came on and everybody seemed to know who they were, except us. They played very upbeat dancey songs which was great, so my girlfriend and I spent half an hour or so dancing our hearts out. She obviously was much better than I was, but I like to think I held my own amongst all the dancing veterans that were there that night. It was a really great time, we had a lot of fun and I definitely won’t need as much convincing next time she wants to go for a dance.