Out Dancing

My girlfriend has been pestering me to go dancing for months now, she’s always been the type to get out on the dance floor and enjoy herself. Until I met her, I’d never been much into that, though I wasn’t embarrassed about it or anything. Anyway, the other week she was in the middle of her morning routine, doing exercises on her new yoga mat and she decided that we were most definitely going dancing that night. I of course, protested but she had been asking for a while and I’d always given her an excuse, so this time, I gave in and said sure, let’s go for a dance.

So we went online to find a cool place to get our groove on, we didn’t want a dance club, that’s not really our thing and these days there’s just so much more out there. We found barn dancing clubs, Irish dancing, all sorts. Finally we found just a good old rock’n’roll gaslight style bar to go to that apparently according to Facebook had very good music for dancing to.

It was called Jane’s, it was this long downstairs bar with booth seats all along one side and a stage at the end with those black circular tables with the candle on them like you see in the movies. The band was awesome, they came on and everybody seemed to know who they were, except us. They played very upbeat dancey songs which was great, so my girlfriend and I spent half an hour or so dancing our hearts out. She obviously was much better than I was, but I like to think I held my own amongst all the dancing veterans that were there that night. It was a really great time, we had a lot of fun and I definitely won’t need as much convincing next time she wants to go for a dance.


The Dinner Party

Well I’ve been a batch over a year now and I guess it’s time to finally come out of my shell. My friends have said that I’ve been a bit of a hermit has gotten over my divorce and I must admit that I’ve spent more time at home that I have anywhere else perhaps except the pub. Although I must admit the pub is in a bad place to spend your time if you don’t feel like being alone in a large house which used to be full of children ,  dogs and even a partner. So on the advice I’m having a coming out party, I’m going to throw a dinner party and invite all my friends and perhaps even a few single women so that I can become part of society again. Of course I’m not really known for my dinner party planning so this is going to be a big deal and require a lot of planning if it’s going to happen without a hitch. My friends say it’s not too difficult simply find some easy recipes in the cookbook and make sure that you don’t do anything too difficult which could turn out  badly on the night. First order of business was cleaning out the dining room and making sure that there was plenty of room for everybody.  I thought I would go full service and really impress everybody so I needed good quality silverware and a particularly spectacular candelabra for the centre of the table. Luckily I knew exactly where the by a great candelabra from the local  antique store as I’ve seen one in the window only a few weeks before. I quickly bought it and brought it home and sure enough it made my dining tables sing and I’m sure that everybody will be very impressed on the night. So wish me luck it’s only a few nights away but my chicken and caviar  main meal looks perfect and everybody is looking forward to a wonderful night in my new home.

Renovation Duty

Today my wife decided that we needed to renovate the back yard, so it was off to the homewares shop we went, to find everything we needed to make our backyard looks like a Turkish  palace. While my wife went straight to the  homewares  aisle I was sent to see if I could find a new sink or even a grill that would fit our existing brickwork. Unfortunately everything I found was way too big, so I had to console myself with finding a portable grill which could sit out in the open and not be affected by rain  or snow. I carefully checked that the manufacturer guaranteed that the grill would work in low temperatures as we often have sub zero  climate in our area. My wife meanwhile was focusing on all the niceties that would make our Turkish house look inviting and happy. The first thing she bought was a large lantern with a candle in  it that would light up the pathway around the house  at night. It was a huge monstrosity but I could see there was no way to talk her out of it so I let her have it. The next thing she found were some outside cushions which even in the rain would not grow mouldy and could be used year-round no matter the weather. These were very expensive but I could see that it was better than racing out at night when the rain started trying to bring  them in out of the weather. The last thing she found was some beautiful wind chimes with a large canopy that played some sort of classical tune when  they were clattered. I really liked the windchimes and I could imagine myself lying awake at night listening to them in the wind. With our arms full and our wallet empty we left the shop and took our goods home ready to be unpacked. On the way home my wife congratulated me I’m not stopping her from spending too much money and I just laughed to myself knowing how much I had saved on the sink  and grill. Hopefully when we are finished the house will look wonderful.

First Job

Well it was a great day today, my daughter got her first job,  and boy was she happy. It’s been a bit of the journey to get her to this point. She had long been worried that she wouldn’t get a job, so we had spent a lot of time trying to increase her confidence and giving her the training and skills required to get a job   in hospitality. Finally she had been ready to put her resume out to many people with cafes and restaurants in the local area. She spent nearly 2 days walking around town  giving out her resume and attempting to talk to the owner of the businesses. She didn’t have much luck at first, but then found if she asked to speak to the owner as soon as she entered the business that more often than not the staff would get the owner to come and talk to  her. She managed to put out over 100 resumes in those first two days and got to speak to over 20 owners of local cafes and restaurants. It was one of these are called her back yesterday for an interview. She was very nervous on the morning of the interview but we talk to her about the things that she could say and she seemed to find her confidence in the car on the way to the restaurant. I waited outside in the car and after only about 20 minutes she came out smiling and laughing telling me she had gotten the job. The boss had asked her to start tomorrow, and had even given her two great aprons , with the emblem of the restaurants embroidered on it. All that evening she kept on putting the apron on and looking at herself in the mirror telling me how excited she was to finally get the job. I don’t think she slept much last night so I wasn’t surprised when I got up early and saw that she had already  been  up, and had breakfast and was already dressed sitting on the couch. My girl is so happy.

Market Sunday

Just letting you guys know that we went to the markets this morning, and on the way there we had to stop and get some petrol because my son had been to session the day before and hadn’t remembered to fill the tank. I gave him a hard time about but it didn’t seem to make any difference and he just smiles and told me he will remember next time. Anyway we finally got to the car park and found as usual but the whole place was filled up with Cars long before we got there. We parked and then made our way through to the main markets where we found that all the major tents had been set up for quite a while. We started at the top of the mall and then worked our way down along the footpath taking in all the venders as we went. The things that most caught my eye were the bicycle stands with the salesman selling carbon fibre bikes as well as high-performance wheels designed to be used in triathlons or other similar events. After dragging myself away from that particular tent, I decided to get something to eat, and ended up with this great hamburger and chips which I took to eat looking over the ocean. My wife was keen to see if she could get something for her sister for her birthday so she continued to look into all the tents stacked along the market parade. I looked up to see her waving to me, so I went over and noticed she was at a tent with lots of Turkish looking objects. She had decided to buy a stunning set of rosary beads which were inlaid with bone and some sort of semi precious jewels . It was a pretty good price so I agreed that it would make a good present and bought it on the spot. We then went down to the other end of the markets and tried to buy all our fresh fruit and vegetable from the greengrocers who had been set up there since 4 o’clock in the morning. After getting all our goods we also went to the butchers them and got some nice sausages which we would have for lunch later.